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I would like to thank Dr. O’Brien and the JAOCR for the opportunity to serve as guest editor for this issue dedicated to neuroradiology. Editing and organizing this issue gave me the chance to work with many wonderful colleagues. I want to thank each of the authors for dedicating their time and energy to writing the articles to make this issue a success.

The articles included in this neuroradiology-focused issue were selected with the general practicing radiologist in mind. Both review articles were intended to help with everyday challenges radiologists face. The first review article focuses on a topic that most radiologists dread: head and neck. The “Overview of Parotid Gland Masses” article discusses the most common benign and malignant pathologies that you will encounter. Additionally, the article discusses patterns of disease spread and treatment recommendations to add value for our referring clinicians.

The second review article, which focuses on degenerative spine imaging, is “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Degenerative Disease of the Lumbar Spine: A Review.” It is a fantastic overview of lumbar spine anatomy and the accepted degenerative lumbar spinal nomenclature. Given the prevalence of back pain and spine imaging that is regularly performed, this article is intended to be a go-to reference for lumbar imaging.

Next, the two cases selected for the case review section are intended to help develop a differential diagnosis for common pathologies: the cystic neck mass and the intraventricular mass. Each case provides the top three (Dr. O’Brien’s favorite number) differential diagnoses, the final diagnosis, and a discussion on each pathologic entity.

Lastly, the two cases selected for the Viewbox section are intended to show the classic imaging findings to establish a case as an “Aunt Minnie.” Both the discitis/osteomylelitis and transient global amnesia Viewbox cases have helpful clinical and imaging findings to guide radiologists to the ultimate diagnosis.

I hope this dedicated neuroradiology issue will serve as a useful learning tool for the radiology trainee and a good review for the seasoned radiology veteran. I again want to thank each of the contributing authors; this issue could not have happened without their hard work and dedication. I also want to thank my former attending neuroradiologists at Barrow Neurological Institute for their guidance and input. Lastly, I want to thank my husband for always supporting my passion for radiology. Hopefully this issue will reignite all of our love for neuroradiology and introduce trainees to this wonderfully challenging subspecialty. I hope you all enjoy this neuroradiology-focused issue of the JAOCR.

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Vartevan A.  In this Issue: October 2018.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2018;7(4):4.

By Alysha Vartevan, D.O.| October 16, 2018

About the Author

Alysha Vartevan, D.O.

Alysha Vartevan, D.O.

Dr. Vartevan is a Clinical Instructor in Neuroradiology, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix, AZ.


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