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The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

—Vincent Lombardi

This quote clearly summarizes the hard work by all the authors to make this an interesting and exciting edition of the JAOCR.

I would like to begin by saying that it is my honor and pleasure to be selected as the guest editor for an Emergency Radiology edition of the JAOCR. As an Emergency Radiologist, I am excited to share this issue with all the readers. Even though Emergency Radiology is a relatively new subspecialty in radiology, it has quickly gained tremendous popularity and interest within the radiology community. Academic institutions, as well as private practices, throughout the country have realized the significance of Emergency Radiology with regards to its invaluable service to physicians and surgeons. The uniqueness within the specialty is that it does not focus on one particular organ system, but encompasses a myriad of subspecialties. Therefore, it provides for a challenging and enriching work experience for residents and radiologists.

First, I am grateful to be working with Lt Col (Dr.) William O’Brien, Editor-In- Chief of the Journal, who granted me this invitation. Bill is an excellent radiologist and good friend who I have had the pleasure of knowing since our years at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Even as a medical student, he was always extremely motivated and hardworking. A visionary who I am confident will propel this journal to great heights and will continue to bring exciting and interesting topics to the Journal. Also, this publication could not have been possible with the editorial staff at JAOCR.

This issue was the labor of several authors from different subspecialties to provide you with essential and thought-provoking topics, which are not only encountered in the emergency department, but also in everyday practice. Each author is highly acclaimed within his or her subspecialty. The majority of the authors are from the University of Rochester Medical Center, a national recognized tertiary referral center and Level 1 Trauma Center.

We begin this edition by covering the two most common topics in Emergency Radiology — the mimickers of acute appendicitis and acute stroke. Dr. Shweta Bhatt and her colleague, Hamad Ghazle, submitted an interesting case of acute testicular pain. Afterwards, James Kovacs, D.O., my mentor during my residency at the UMDNJ-Cooper University Hospital, submitted a case report on an important yet sometimes overlooked cause of diffuse abdominal pain. In addition, I have selected an interesting case report for acute hip pain. For our Viewbox cases, Dr. Apeksha Chatuvurdi and Dr. Vaseem Chengazi have identified crucial topics in emergency pediatric and nuclear medicine, which may be encounter in the emergency room but should never be overlook. Finally, Drs. Finnila and Sherman discuss important imaging manifestations of sore throat. I am grateful to all authors who sacrificed their time and effort to help make this an exciting Emergency Radiology edition of JACOR.

Last, but certainty not least, I am extremely grateful to my lovely wife and two beautiful children for their endless love and support throughout this project.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this Emergency Radiology Edition of the JAOCR and find the information invaluable to your current practice.

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Nicola R.  In This Issue: October 2014.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2014;3(4):1.

By Refky Nicola, D.O.| November 23, 2015
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About the Author

Refky Nicola, D.O.

Refky Nicola, D.O.

Dr. Nicola is an Assistant Professor, Department of Imaging Services, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY.


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