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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. — Mahatma Gandhi

It has been exciting to watch the growth and success of the Journal of the American Osteopathic College of Radiology (JAOCR) through its first two years. Dr. William O’Brien had a great vision when creating the Journal — to create an open access radiology journal which presents subspecialty topics as a resource for practicing radiologists and residents. Having had the pleasure to meet Dr. O’Brien at this year’s annual conference, I know the Journal could not have a better steward. Understanding what an admirable undertaking the Journal is, the decision to serve as a guest editor was easy — the process of execution was slightly more difficult.

In this issue, the authors and I have selected MSK topics which we hope you will find useful in your daily practice. Our review articles include two topics which are commonly encountered in the practice of musculoskeletal imaging. In the first review article, Avneesh Chhabra, M.D., and I provide a multimodality review of normal and abnormal cysts and cyst-like lesions which can be encountered when evaluating the knee. I appreciate Dr Chhabra’s timely work and feedback, especially since it coincided with his move from John Hopkins to UTSW. It was wonderful to work with an old co- resident and friend. The second review article addresses a topic which I often discuss with my residents and fellows: monoarticular arthropathy. I hope it will provide a working framework for evaluating patients with monoarticular disease and help direct appropriate care for these patients.

Our case reports focus on the practical issues of calcified soft tissue mass by Monique Tyminski, D.O., and Hartley Sirkis, M.D., and the limping child by Molly Wolf, M.D., and Joseph Makris, M.D. The “Viewbox” articles illustrate three superb musculoskeletal cases: synovial osteochondromatosis, Baxter neuropathy, and acute patellar dislocation.

I would like to thank the AOCR and Dr. O’Brien for this opportunity to serve the radiology community in this format. Dr. O’Brien has been supportive and encouraging throughout the process. My sincere gratitude to all of the authors for their hard work and outstanding contributions to this issue. A special thanks to my colleagues at UMass for your patience and understanding during this project. It is great to have such an incredible group with which to work. My greatest appreciation goes to my family. To my children Hailey, Andrew, and Allison, for always unwittingly reminding me what is important in life. Lastly, to my wife Laura, for her unwavering support and love.

It is my true pleasure to present the current musculoskeletal imaging issue. I hope you enjoy it.

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Cerniglia CA.  In this Issue: October 2013.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2013;3(4):1.

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About the Author

Christopher A. Cerniglia, D.O., M.Eng.

Christopher A. Cerniglia, D.O., M.Eng.

Dr. Cerniglia works with the Division of Musculoskeletal Imaging, UMass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, MA.


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